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Zombie Logic Press was founded in 1997 By Poet Thomas L. Vaultonburg to seek out the most original, innovative and powerful poetry and art being created. Thomas L. Vaultonburg began publishing poetry in the small press scene at age 19.  Encouraged by poets like Ron Androla, Gerald Locklin, Todd Moore and Charles Bukowski, he wracked up an impressive list of publications who carried his work before finally deciding to seize creative control and founding Zombie Logic Press.  Zombie Logic Press publishes poetry, children's books, art books and just about anything if it's interesting enough.  Zombie Logic Press, one of the oldest independent literary presses in the Midwest, operates out of Rockford, IL and is committed to keeping every project Made in the USA.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  12/18/14 Rockford, IL, - Zombie Logic Press, is proud to announce it's 6th book,"The Zen of Beard Trimming: Stories of Punk Rock, Poverty, and the Search for Peace" by C.J. Campbell.  C.J. Campbell is a speaker, writer and activist with cerebral palsy, from Rockford, IL.  He has spent the last 10 years sharing stories with a wide range of crowds from small dive bars to classrooms. The book chronicles seven years of C.J.'s travels, painstakingly detailed in this memoir. Punk rock meets leaving Christian Evangelism, meets Scandinavian models, meets a mismatched cast of unlikely characters and scenarios in a fearless, brutally honest story of the time honored search for (meaning, love, peace, an apartment, food and a microphone that works.) C.J. is currently working as the Director of Storytelling at Conveyor.  He keeps a blog called "The Running Search"  where most recently he chronicled his 75 mile walk, from Rockford to Evanston, IL, to raise disability awareness. "The Zen of Beard Trimming: Stories of Punk Rock, Poverty, and the Search for Peace" by C.J. Campbell is the latest in Zombie Logic Press' "River Valley Literary Series"  It will be on local store shelves in February and now available for pre-order HERE

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